Sunday, March 6, 2011

Things I Love!

Happy Sunday Posting!
All about E today!

I have spent over 5 hours this afternoon catching up on facebook, blogs, updating my account and shooting the shit online!  It felt great.  I was also productive and organized my room and shoes :).  It is so nice every now and again to have E time, something I do not do often.

Cleaning my shoes up was an ordeal!

More things I loved about today, such as my morning coffee in this special mug:
This Tigger Mug was given to me by Eli one year for Christmas when we were younger.  This was the first year she bought me something with her own monies.  I have always used this for my morning coffee and or late afternoon cup of JO!

I am leaving for Montreal in 10 days and I am so grateful to have this handy little traveling tool that I will plan on continuing to use forever!

Thank the heavens to this Passport!  I have had the fortune of traveling to:
1. Paraguay
2. Europe:
     a. Italy
     b. Germany
     c. Austria
     d. Spain
3. Nicaragua
4. Costa Rica
5. Bahamas

Looking forward to all my new adventures out of the country!  To good times :)

I love love love my friends:

They are so much fun and crazy in their own ways, but I am not sure what I wold do without any or all of them!  Very grateful for sure :)

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