Saturday, June 25, 2011

Post Op Mom and Day 1

 Surgery went well!  Mom had two cancer tumors the size of ping-pong balls and three lymph-nodes removed.  One lymph node, sentinel, had cancer.  The surgeon was very optimistic and explained that chemo is definitely a high possibility in addition to radiation.  We will know more information in a few days after they examine the cells of the cancer a bit more.

This entry was taken from Mom's blog update that I wrote for her:

Greetings Family and Friends!

We are so thankful for all of your kindness!  Mom is doing very well today.  Eli and Bobby have been taking very good care of her since they are both at home.  "Mom slept like a baby," Eli shared with me this morning when I checked in.  Bobby has been giving her the medicines religiously, since Mom has a low tolerance for pain.  Bobby has been so smart with asking the doctors all the good questions like, "what should she not do?" and "when should I give her the medicine, before or after she has gone for a walk?"  He will get a gold metal for being the best husband in the world when everything is over!!

Mom needs a lot of support with day to day activities.  Eli has been so very patient and has not left Mom's side.  Eli helped mom with breakfast today and went on a few walks with her as well.  Mom is totally LOVING the fact that she can take showers, with assistance of course!!  (Breast Cancer Fact:  You can take a shower!  In previous years showers were frowned upon becasue of moisture seeping into the unwanted areas of this type of procedure).

During one of Eli's walks with Mom, Carol, a neighborhood friend, met up with them for additional company.  Mom is in wonderful spirits and I know that Cancer is not a word that will ever define my mom, bravery, courage and having the biggest heart, are words that define her.

Friends and family have been so supportive!  Neighborhood friends have provided their love and even some home cooked meals.  Plus, Mom is in a support group and they made enough meals for a little over a week for Mom, HOW SWEET!  Thank you again!

I will be visiting this evening for a little while, maybe Eli and I can get Mom in the mood for either Sex and The City movies and or Harry Potter!  If not, just being in her presence is enough for us!

With Love,

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