Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Morning

Why are eggs so good??
Why is coffee so wonderful!!??
Just thought I would update my blog while enjoying a delicious breakfast!

Mom is doing well!  We are looking forward to her getting her drains out very soon.  I will be touching base with her again later this afternoon in between my meetings at work.  Mom actually has updated her blog, so she must be out and about, which is good.

On another note...  work has been so time consuming.  We are reaching the end of the month and as always the pressure is on. I take one day at a time and know that my team and MNS is working hard to meet goals, help the students and have a successful center.  We are ranked in the "top 10" for our region, we were #5 yesterday.  As you know I am a competitor, I want to be in that #1 spot.  We have a healthy amount of amazing teachers and staff that I know we will make it to that spot sooner than later!

This upcoming weekend I will be moving my sister to ST. LOUIS, MO!  I am looking forward to the 14-15 hour trip with Eli, but also sad that I will be leaving her in another state when I fly home.  She has worked so hard to get to where she is.  The church that she is going to be working at is welcoming her with open arms and have been so very supportive of her decision to delay her trip to move, due to our mom's situation.  I know she will really bring great things to this community because she is smart, hard working and an amazing woman.  Stay posted because as you know, I WILL TAKE ROAD TRIP PHOTOS!!

Hope you all enjoy your morning like I have sippin' on my coffee and eating my......  EGGGS!!!



  1. OMG, E!! You crack me up...every time I see an egg I think of you.

  2. I had eggs this morning too! In a sandwich with MUNSTER CHEESE! Mmmmm!! High five on the protein sissy :-)